Monday, December 19, 2016

Problems finding loyal guides who are not greedy!

Working in tourism in Rio, its very difficult to find loyal, honest and people with integrity. I been working in Rocinha as a tour guide since 2007. I have employed people to work with me and give opportunities to people.

This biggest problem I have had is guides who have no sense of loyalty or respect. In the last year I have had to let go two guides because of stealing clients or self promotion behind my back. As a tour operator, I pay better than most. I am not stupid, eventually I find out things from other guides or I get emails directly from clients that tell me whats going on. Clients, especially see the type of work that I am trying to do. So, when they see a guide who is working for me undercutting the hard work I do, they tell me.

Recently I found out from a good friend who has a tour company that the same thing was happening to him. He would give the local guide a tour with "X" amount of guests and later he found out that the guide had told the guests "Hey, if you have friends that want to do a tour, just have them contact me". Therefore cutting out the tour operator. This is not creating good relations between guide and operator. The tour operator let me know that the same was going on behind my back. Basically using my name and reputation of 9 years to make money, not cool. And the people that have done this to me are people that I have helped a lot.
So much for friendship or respect?

I have taken on two new guides who are eager to work and show the Rocinha community to the world. I am hoping this will be a different experience.

Daniel has worked with us before as a helper when we had big groups. And is now studying tourism. So he will be working part time as a guide and going to school.

Jucara who is 20 years old is also studying tourism too. She is a little shy so it might take her a little longer to get into doing tours by herself.

Jose, who has worked with us before will hopefully return after his Christmas job as well.

I also have another guy who is interested. I am hoping that these people will be the new face for showing our awesome community to the world! Can't wait to see how 2017 goes.